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Stonehenge and a UFO

Let's do an archaeological tour of Ancient Aliens

In Digging Up Ancient Aliens our host Fredrik takes us on a skeptical tour of the now infamous TV-show Ancient Aliens. He guides us through what is fact and fiction, encouraging listeners to learn along with him. If you’re an old time skeptic, history buff or have an interest in aliens you will not want to miss this podcast.

Previous episodes

21. Aliens in the old west
30/8 2022

In the episode 'Aliens in the wild west', we will investigate the alien buried in Aurora, Texas. We also look into some strange claims about the Serpent Mound. See shownotes

20. The Bosnian Pyramids and Semir Osmanagic
28/6 2022

Are five hills in Bosnia evidence for a 35 000 year old pyramid building civilization? Where did this claim start and what is true and not about it?

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19. Aliens and the Third Reich
14/6 2022

In this episode we will into claims that Nazi Germany had contact with or built their advanced weponry upon lost alien technology. From the episode called Aliens and the Third Reich.

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18. Aliens, swans and Odin with The Drunk Mythology Gals
28/6 2022

This is an episode that will bring us to the warm sun in Greece to visit the ancient gods up on Mount Olympus. We will travel more north and to the great halls of Odin and Thor. Could these mythological gods really be aliens in disguise?

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17. Alien tech - Shofars, turtles and death rays
14/6 2022

Did Alexander the Great meet his greatest defeat against an extraterrestrial airattack? In this episode we will break down episode six from season two (Ancient Aliens S02E06) called “Alien Tech”.

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16. The ET building company - Unexplained Structures with Dr. David S. Andersson
31/5 2022

Our host Fredrik continues the mission to discover what is genuine, fake, and somewhere in between on the TV-show Ancient Aliens. In this episode we will break down episode 8 from season 2 called “Unexplained Structures”. This episode will take us across the globe, exploring places and buildings that the show claims modern science can’t explain.

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15. Alien Devastations with Eric McLaren
16/5 2022

In this episode we’re going to look closer about the claims about aliens being behind many of the disasters that happen around the globe. Both in the ancient past and in the present day. Why would the aliens want to get rid of us humans, are they trying to correct a mistake or something else?

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