Stonehenge and a UFO

Let's do an archaeological tour of Ancient Aliens

Come along with archaeologist Fredrik as he leads a critical exploration into alternative historical theories and the portrayal of Ancient Aliens in mainstream media on our podcast, Digging Up Ancient Aliens. With his guidance, you'll be able to distinguish fact from fiction and expand your knowledge alongside him. Whether you're a seasoned skeptic, a history enthusiast, or simply intrigued by extraterrestrial life, this podcast is a must-listen.

Previous episodes

55. GIANTS! The Tall Tales of Archaeological Hoaxes
6/2 2024

Giants have long fascinated us humans and seem to be a never-ending resource for archaeological hoaxes. Towards the end of the 19th century, there almost became a trend to create giant hoaxes. In some cases, this was just to amuse; in others, it was to prove the Bible right See shownotes

54. Gunung Padang Uncovered: The Saga Continues
22/1 2023

Both Ancient Aliens, Graham Hancock, and other Atlantis believers claim that the site reveals a 300-foot-tall step pyramid dating back at least 10,000 years. We will spend this episode looking at the hard evidence, the funding, and the reality of the claims See shownotes

53. Not since Sneferu - Pyramid building 101
9/1 2024

Let's learn about Djosers Step Pyramid and the pyramid builder Sneferu. Join us as we uncover the truth behind the first Egyptian pyramids and learn about their achievements and mistakes. See shownotes

52. Khufu's pyramid scheme
26/12 2023

What are some of the best pyramids in the world? Some suggest that they are in El Castillo, Teotihuacan, Sican, El Mirador and Hellinicon Greece See shownotes

51. Alien vs. Historian - With Ancient history with Angela
12/12 2023

This time, we have a guest, Angela, from the Ancient History with Angela channel on TikTok and Instagram, who will discuss a few clips about classical Greece and Rome with us. See shownotes

50. Power of the Obelisk
27/11 2023

A journey through the history and usage of obelisks in ancient Egypt. How where they created and moved in the past? See shownotes

49. Cathars, lady Foixes, and the return to Rennes-le-château with Grace Rinehart
14/11 2023

Learn more about the Cathars and one of their influential personalities, Esclarmonde of Foix. A woman who was very important among the Cathars See shownotes

48. Rasputin, the Black Sun and Serial Killers
31/10 2023

An archaeologist discussing Rasputin, the famous scapegoats from the Russian Revolution, the Nazi symbology of the Black Sun, and the stigmatization of mental health in pop culture? Yes, you do want to hear this. See shownotes

47. Mummies, vampires, draugr, and aliens?
17/10 2023

Can we use archeology to discuss mummies, the Book of the Dead, vampires, Camazotz, and Draugr? See shownotes

46. Harassment, violence, and mud
2/10 2023

Something that's become more and more common on the web is the use of harassment tactics. Skeptics and archaeologists have not been spared from being on the receiving end of these campaigns, so let's have a serious discussion about this. I will look into the attempted harassment campaigns by Graham Hancock and Jimmy Corsetti See shownotes

45. The non-mystery of Puma Punku and Tiwanaku
19/9 2023

This time, we will explore the fantastic ruins of Puma Punku (or Pumapunku), a temple complex located within Tiwanaku (Tiahuanaco or Tiahuanacu) See shownotes

44. Alien abductions, kachinas, and Peru's elongated skulls
4/9 2023

We seek to uncover the origins of Grey aliens and their creation as a modern myth. We will also explore Hopi society, Peruvian pyramids, and elongated skulls. At last, we will also disprove Brien Foerster's claimed alien DNA results. See shownotes

43. Aliens and Heavy Metall-urgy
22/8 2023

Let's explore metallurgy and weapons throughout history, including the mysterious claims surrounding Joan D'Arc's sword. See shownotes

42. Vikings: Myth, Saga, and Reality
8/8 2023

Vikings - an era with many myths and sagas. But what is truth, and what is fiction? Let's dig into horned helmets, tattoos, and sheep. See shownotes

41. Atlantis Reloaded - Richat structure and the Jimmy Corsetti misstake
25/7 2023

Is the Richat structure the location of the fabled city of Atlantis? According to Jimmy Corsetti, it might be the case. See shownotes

40. Plato: Critias - Atlantis, philosophers and aliens?
3/7 2023

Critias is a Socratic dialogue by Plato describing the ultimate state and its fall. It's also the origin of the Atlantis myth, so let's read it together and see if it holds water to an archaeologist. See shownotes

39. Among aliens, gods and poets
19/6 2023

Are there alien encounters in Ancient Greece mythologies? Could Central America have had flight 500 years ago? Archaeology explains these supposed mysteries. See shownotes

38. Montauk Monster and solving the mystery of Mohenjo Daro
6/6 2023

Let's explore the Montauk monster and the origin of radioactive skeletons in Mohenjo Daro See shownotes

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