Stonehenge and a UFO

Let's do an archaeological tour of Ancient Aliens

In Digging Up Ancient Aliens our host Fredrik takes us on a skeptical tour of the now infamous TV-show Ancient Aliens. He guides us through what is fact and fiction, encouraging listeners to learn along with him. If you’re an old time skeptic, history buff or have an interest in aliens you will not want to miss this podcast.

Previous episodes

36. Aliens in Aokigahara forest and Dyatlov Pass
30/3 2023

Could there be places so evil that people who go there disappear? Alien Astronaut Theorist belive this is the case with Aokigahara forest and Dyatlov Pass. But is this ture? See shownotes

35. Alien creationism with Josh Lindal
11/4 2023

We're again back with Ancient Aliens and will discover that it's not only religious fundamentalists that don't believe in evolution. Let's examine alien creationism with paleoanthropologist Josh Lindal See shownotes

34. Aliens and the Secret Code
30/3 2023

Are you ready to uncover the secret code to Alien navigation? Or are the evidence just historical sites that are being misinterpreted? Let's have an archaeological look at this. See shownotes

33. Ancient Apocalypse IV - Written in Stone - With Jens Notroff
14/2 2023

We examine Ancient Apocalypse's Bimini Road and Piri Reis's map. Jens Notroff shares his knowledge of Göbekli Tepe. Plus, we examine archeoastronomy claims by Sweatman/Hancock See shownotes

32. Ancient Apocalypse III - Echoes of the Ancients - With Dr. Kinkella
2/3 2023

While exploring Ancient Apocalypse we visit Poverty Point, The Serpent Mound and Derinkuyu. We're also joined by Dr. Kinkella for a chat about pseudoarchaeology See shownotes

31. Ancient Apocalypse II - In the ruins of knowledge
14/2 2023

While exploring Ancient Apocalypse we visit Gunung Padang, a site claimed to be the world's largest pyramid. Cholula, the largest accepted pyramid, and Malta, to explore the Sirius connection. Guests Bill Farley and History with Kayleigh. See shownotes

30. Ancient Apocalypse - A sage is rising in the west
30/1 2023

An archaeologist examines the origins of the Graham Hancocks series Ancient Apocalypse. We talk about Atlantis, Theosophy, and magic. Dr. Jeb Card and Brian Dunning also join us to share their knowledge about these fringe claims.

See shownotes
29. Aliens and ancient engineers
17/1 2023

Uncover the reality behind ancient engineering feats. Join us in scrutinizing claims of extraterrestrial intervention at ancient sites such as Ollantaytambo, Teotihuacán, and Malta. See shownotes

28. Aliens and mysterious rituals
3/1 2023

In this episode we explore human sacrifice practices in Mesoamerica and if British monarchy were introduced by extraterrestrials. We also look at the Bep Kororoti ceremony which some believe are evidence of astronauts visiting our planet. Finally, we examine the theory that ancient Egyptian and Viking funerary ships were designed to resemble spaceships.

See shownotes
27. Aliens and lost worlds
6/12 2022

In this episode we will explore the theories of alien visitation at the ancient Mayan city of Copán, Honduras. We will also look into astronomy on the ancient mountain of Nemrud Dagi in Turkey, and the movement and creation of the Moai statues on Easter Island. Lastly, we will see if humans' origin might have been in the Persian Gulf. See shownotes

26. Throwing the Founding Fathers into the void with Aaron Rabinowitz
22/11 2022

Explore the idea of the plurality of worlds, founding fathers, and extraterrestrial life with Aaron Rabinowitz of Embrace the Void and Philosophers in Space podcasts.

See shownotes
25. Ancient Aliens and Sacred Places
8/11 2022

Could there be evidence for alien visitation within these holy places and the religious texts associated with them? During this episode, we will visit Jerusalem, Saudi Arabia, India, Ethiopia, and lastly, Lebanon.

See shownotes
24. The Sphinx and the Holy Grail
25/10 2022

We will solve the mysteries of the Sphinx and its possible Hall of Records using recent technology. We will also explore the Grail and Visigoth treasure hidden in Rennes-le-Château and Rosslyn Chapel.

See shownotes
23. The hunt for Eldorado and the Philosopher's stone
11/10 2022

We search for the legendary cities of Eldorado and Paititi, which some believe to be evidence of alien visitation. We'll also look into modern attempts to turn ordinary metals into precious metals.

See shownotes
22. Aliens in the old west II - Mormons, blood, and monsters
20/9 2022

Is the genesis of the Mormon church extraterrestrial? We look at its ties to the moundbuilder myth and later learn about Blackfoot mythology, the fate of Ambrose Bierce, and more.

See shownotes
21. Aliens in the old west
30/8 2022

In the episode 'Aliens in the wild west', we will investigate the alien buried in Aurora, Texas. We also look into some strange claims about the Serpent Mound. See shownotes

20. The Bosnian Pyramids and Semir Osmanagic
28/6 2022

Are five hills in Bosnia evidence for a 35 000 year old pyramid building civilization? Where did this claim start and what is true and not about it?

See shownotes

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