The 2012 Apocalypse - With Andrew Kinkella

Today, we dive into a topic that captivated the world's imagination: the so-called apocalypse of 2012, which was supposedly foretold by the Mayan calendar. This phenomenon sparked a frenzy of movies, books, and even TV specials, with many experts cashing in on the hysteria.

Joining us in this episode is Professor Andrew Kinkella, not only the host of the Pseudo Archaeology podcast but also a seasoned expert on Maya history and archaeology. Together, we will explore how the year 2012 became a fixture in pop culture and examine the pseudoarchaeological interpretations that have shaped our understanding of the Mayan civilization. We'll delve into the historical and cultural contexts of the Mesoamerican calendars and debunk some of the myths surrounding them.

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In "Digging Up Ancient Aliens," we explore the fascinating intersections of alternative history, archaeology, and the claims surrounding ancient alien theories in popular media. I'm your host, Fredrik, guiding you through the world of pseudo-archaeology.

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