My name is Fredrik Trusohamn and I’m the host and creator of “Digging Up Ancient Aliens”. I did four years of studying at the university of Gotland in the field of archaeology (and a bit of osteology to). But something I noticed rather quickly was the strange questions you got from time to time as soon they learned that you studied archaeology. It could be people you met at a party, on the streets or even while walking the dog. They usually sounded something like:

“Oh, so you’re studying archaeology? That’s cool, I’ve read a lot of von Däniken so I know a thing or two.”

“Have you heard about the Bosnian pyramids? They are even older than the Egyptian are, it’s strange that not so many know about them.”

Most of these sorts of questions are easily brushed off but some stuck and lead to me doing a bit of research. The first one I think was the Bosnian pyramids and after a lot of research I did realise that the claims where not true. I also learned about History Channels infamous show Ancient Aliens then for the first time.

For a long time, I’ve just been aware that it exists thinking it’s probably wrong. But more and more I’ve felt a urge to actually watch the shows and see what they actually say. What they get wrong, why and how. But also, to see what do they get right, could it teach us something about history or or current society.

So, I’m starting this adventure and hoping to be able to chare a more interesting history than what’s presented in the show. I hope you will come with and be a part of this journey to knowledge.

All the best,

(some more personal details: 195 cm tall, a DnD dungeon master, love climbing and have two kids).