Who am I? I'm glad you asked. My name is Fredrik Trusohamn, and I'm the creator and host of Digging Up Ancient Aliens. I'm using my schooling in Archaeology and a bit of Osteology to evaluate and explore the claims raised in the tv-show Ancient Aliens. The education was achieved at the University of Gotland, a medium-sized island in the Baltic Sea. The main interest has always been the Scandinavian Vendel and Viking age. But afraid of dirt under your nails, you can't be, so I've been involved in a few excavations, from potential neolithic settlements to a Viking age village.

I've since long been interested in the obscure and paranormal, but the information provided always felt lacking. But I began searching for answers outside the forums and paranormal books, learning critical thinking and skepticism, and looking at the world differently.  

When you start archaeology, you will notice that people often say one of two things when they hear this. It's either "I always wanted to be that when I was a child" or "Did you know" followed by some strange claim. This got me to start researching these pseudo-archaeological claims, trying to figure out what on Earth they talked about. I only spent a little bit on it since it was clearly wrong.

But as the amount of misinformation increased during the Covid pandemic, I started to think about what I could do to help spread good information. Suddenly I realized that even if I'd heard about Ancient Aliens, I had paid little attention to it. It's been on for 18 seasons and is quite popular, so they might show the best evidence for their claims. 

So I'm here armed with skepticism, critical thinking, the latest research in archaeology, and Swedish dad jokes. Let's see what evidence the Ancient Astronaut Theorists have and if it holds up when we scrape it with our trowels.