Cathars, lady Foixes, and the return to Rennes-le-château with Grace Rinehart

Hi, hello, and välkommen to Digging Up Ancient Aliens. This is the podcast where we examine strange claims about alternative history and ancient aliens in popular media. Do their claims hold water to an archeologist, or are there better explanations out there? 

We are now on episode 49, and I am Fredrik, your guide into the world of pseudo-archaeology. But this time, I'm not alone! I have Ph.D. candidate Grace Rinehart Macrae, the Time Traveling Archaeologist, with me. We will learn more about the Cathars and one of their influential personalities, Esclarmonde of Foix. A woman who was very important among the Cathars and told to go back to the kitchen by the Dominican orders founder Saint Dominic. Esclarmonde did not to the saint's frustration. She also became known as the Fox due to her ability to avoid the Catholic Inquisition.

Grace will also take us back to Rennes-le-château, where we will revisit and learn more about the buried treasure. Some additional information can be added to our documentation.

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Now that we have finished our preparations, let's dig into the episode.

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Sources, resources, and further reading suggestions

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