13. Aliens at the mystery spot?

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Mysterious places, they appear across the globe. Places where things mysteriously disappear, where strange beings lurk in the shadow and the technology stops working. Could there be an otherworldly explanation to this? Could it be a wormhole? Do they really exist? I’m just asking questions. Or am I? 

Our host Fredrik continues the mission to discover what is genuine, fake, and somewhere in between on the TV-show Ancient Aliens. In this episode we will explore mysterious places. What is the mystery and is the mystery really mysterious for the reasons presented in the show? Today we are going to break down episode 1 from season 2 titled “Mysterious Places” (S02E01).  

In this episode we will cover these ancient and not so ancient sites and topics:

Bermuda Triangle

Flight 19

Zone of Silence (Zona de silencio)

Anasazi (Ancestral Puablans)

Gate of the gods / Aramu Muru (Altarini)


World grid theory

Ley Lines

I do mention a bunch of villages (or Ancient Aliens does) and they are as follow: Calais, Mont Alix, Mont Alet, L’Allet, Anxon, Aissey, Alaise, L’Allex, Vercelli, Alzano, Calesi, Cales. 

I don’t have a guest in this episode but we have a new outro so it’s almost like having a guest. It’s a song called “Tin foil hat” by a Swedish punk band called Trallskruv. If you like this you can find their webpage, Instagram, Spotify and a bunch of extra info at their linktree. Of course with their permission, go and check them out!

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